Why do I see a loading screen when accessing admin.hustle.com?



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    Huntley Russell

    For starters, support at Hustle particularly by Kat was very helpful in resolving this issue so support in particular deserves no scrutiny on the infinite spinning wheel.

    However, the process is to send a security verification email from an administrator and that email is to be sent by Hustle upon request. I wish to state despite a half dozen efforts to send this email no email nor text notification was ever sent by the site. This is an error on the part of Hustle that I imagine will be quite common in the future if they can't manage to acknowledge a verification request on the back end. Eventually, this problem was resolved with the help of Hustle support staff but at the end of the day it shouldn't take 15 emails to get a secure verification and I have not received any explanation as to why this was a barrier on the Hustle end of things. I cannot imagine this it the only instance where this error has occurred. We lost at least a week's worth of being able to use the service due to this issue for a new user. If you are being given admin privileges and are sent a verification request by your admin, be vigilant. Don't expect it to work.

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